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4 Week Accelerator Program

Your direct route to building an investment empire for your retirement!

to you

At the end of four weeks, you will be able to…

Find your Why

Finding your purpose and "WHY" that'll push you to achieve any goal and create momentum even when you are struggling is as important as investing itself. 

Invest with confidence, today!

The processes, sales tactics, tips and tricks that we cover will give you the confidence to close any investment property or joint venture partner.

Gain $100,000 worth of education

We have spent the big bucks to level-up and educate ourselves so that you don't have to!

Plan for financial freedom

This program creates plan of attack to achieve financial freedom at your own pace and with your own custom strategy.

Work with industry leading tools

The right tools, spreadsheets, documents, and knowledge make investing simple to follow and easy to execute.

Money back guarantee

We believe in this course so much that we guarantee you will find it worth your investment. And you can take that to the bank!

What we include

8 Online & Interactive Trainings

Life is busy, we understand. That is why our program is designed to work around your busy life schedule. Two 90 minutes video calls each week. Set in the evenings, you can get home, relax, eat and be fully engaged to the informative presentations.

One-On-One Coaching

Each program is a small group so you get the most attention and all your questions answered. This isn’t a blanket 300 person webinar. These intimate training sessions are designed for your involvement. This way you get a personal feel and the most value!

Exclusive Community

You will join and exclusive REINVESTORS community on Facebook for graduates to collaborate on ideas, solutions, and advice newcomers on common mistakes.

Learn from the Pros

After spending over $50,000 on real estate investing education, The REINVESTORS quickly closed on 3 income property investments within 4 month. Three years later, they have expanded their portfolio to multi-family and developing. Now it's your turn to use their information at a fraction of the investment.

Recorded Trainings

Each session is recorded and sent to you the next day! We do this to allow you to recap anything you missed as well as watch it as many times as you need to help with anything you didn’t understand or forgot.

Lifetime Skills

This course will teach you a skill set that delivers an infinite return on investment! If you get a degree in one field, then transfer jobs years later, that education may not be applicable then. We focus on the skills you can use your entire life to build a wealth producing portfolio.


Everyone in the program becomes accountability partners for each other. Accountability and discipline are key to your future success! You'll be invited to a private chat to help each other and engage in conversation.

Hands On

Teach a man to fish... you know the rest. This course is all about hands on learning. We provide to-dos after each call to keep momentum and confidence growing. It's also a great way to take control of everything you are learning.


  • Financial Freedom Goal Setting
  • Calculating a Winning ROI
  • Acquisition Process Strategy
  • How to Build an All-Star Team
  • Find Deals in ANY Market
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Proper Property Management
  • Company Structure Hacks

Financial Freedom Goal Setting

“Millionaire math” as we call it. Setting goals is critical to your own success as it provides clarity. A clear direction will motivate you and help you be much more productive! 

Find Deals In ANY Market

One amazing thing about this program is that you can be in New York City, Vancouver, and everywhere in between. No matter how expensive or cheap your local market is this program provides the right strategies for every real estate market.

Calculating a Winning ROI

It is very easy to get stuck in paralysis analysis. Most people stay here until they understand how to best calculate real estate investing returns. This is fundamental for every investor. 

Joint Venture Partnerships

JVs are the best way to give yourself limitless growth! And we are the experts in this space!

Acquisition Process Strategy

We have learned so many awesome tips that save/make you money during the purchasing process! We saves one graduate $10,000 with just one question. Ask us what it was 🙂

Proper Property Management

If you are planning to be an active investor or landlord then you’re going to love call 5! This call alone will save you so many headaches!

How to build an All-Star team

A home is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. And your investment team is your foundation for creating success. Keys to finding these professionals and building relationships are a huge factor that we discuss in depth. 

Company Structure Hacks

To incorporate or not to incorporate! That is the question. This has to be one of the most frequent questions we get asked and the answer is always the same… “It depends”. We will give you complete certainty on what the right choice is for your unique situation and strategy.

See more

Let me invest in my future!


Since 2016 these two inspirational action takers have acquired multiple-millions in real estate assets, educated thousands of people, and continue to give back in a big way.

The REINVESTORS was founded by Steve Arneson and Randy Molland when they saw a niche in a market that needed acknowledgement, financial and real estate investing education. After a tragic accident and the loss of Randy’s best friend, Randy decided it was time to start looking at life differently. 

Deciding that he was going to disrupt the status quo of how people looked at everyday life, he found real estate investing was the perfect vehicle to get his message across. The mission quickly became showing others the variety of different ways that real estate can work for anyone. More specifically, ways of utilizing assets such as equity, savings, or other investments to create high-return wealth and immediate cash-flow. 

Their strategies allow people to start living a more fulfilled and purposeful life sooner than they ever imagined. Randy shared his idea with Steve, whose family was already deeply entwined in real estate and owned a place himself, and they jumped in wholeheartedly.

Steve Arneson

The Reinvestors

Steve was born into real estate with many family members being authority figures in their industries. It’s only suiting that he created his own path and will soon be an authority figure in the real estate investing field.

Randy Molland

The Reinvestors

Randy’s motivation comes from a past accident where he lost his best friend on a job site. After that moment, he decided to live a more purposeful life. He is brilliant and a beacon of energy for everyone to thrive off.

Our Expertize

  • Over the past 2 years we have spent over $100,000 on education to be trained from the best investors in North America including Keyspire, Rae 365, Thrive: Make Money Matter Mastermind, business and personal coaching.
  • Acquired over $5.5 million in recent real estate transactions Including single family, multi family, and land developments.
  • Raised multiple-millions in joint venture capital within 18 months.
  • Co-Produced a 2 day Conference/Expo of over 500+ real estate investors and 10 high quality speakers from across Canada
  • Featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Real Estate Professional, and many podcasts.
  • Created a team of expert service providers that are all invested in real estate and work exclusively with investors.
  • Nearly 3 years of hosting a monthly meet up to educate people how to achieve success and grow their RE portfolio.

Also Included

Because we want you to succeed

Private 1 hour coaching session

Upon completion of the 4 week program, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident leaving to go create opportunity. We will make sure you have the tools to stop making excuses and start closing deals!

Sheets and documents that changed our lives

√  Cash-flow Calculator
√  Income / Expense Sheet
√ Joint Venture Agreement

This and much more is all yours! And it includes a blank Joint Venture Agreement that we spent thousands of dollars creating!

Free real estate audiobook

Books have been a huge part of our success, but finding time to read can be challenging. We provide you with a specific audiobook that will help you achieve your specific goals, whether it's income properties, rent to own, flips, or developing. Audio books turn your vehicle into a mobile library!

"The Only Real Risk In Life

Is Not Taking Any!"

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  • Recap of the good reasons to!
  • Goal Setting to Millionaire Math
  • Calculating a Winning ROI
  • $100,000 of education
  • Digital convenience and recorded calls
  • How to Build an All-Star Team
  • Start investing right away
  • Money back guarantee
  • Only $1,749.99+tax!


This is works best for those who are hungry and motivated to change because they can’t stand to have things remain the same. Someone who is willing to jump out of their comfortzone with both feet and create something new! This is for those who want to change their life and are motivated to help a lot of people and make a lot of money and live the life of their dreams. This works best for those who want to win and who want to help everyone else win too!

Skeptics, critics, naysayers, haters, negative Nancy’s, or Debbie downers. If you are looking for a get rich quick formula, you won’t find it here. This is real raw material that helped motivate us to take a bigger step in life. If you don’t believe that you can achieve financial freedom or if your not willing to put in the WORK to grow who you are as a person and as a business, then step aside and let those of us who are take that step.

Absolutely not. The whole point of the training is so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home and just duck away for a short period of time at the end of the evening.

All calls will be recorded and sent out the next day. It is important that you do your best to be on every call as it is live interaction. We are here to support you in your growth so you dont want to fall behind in the group!

We are so confident that you will leaving feeling like you UNDER paid for the program that by the end of it, if you feel the value wasn’t worth it, we will refund your money on the spot, no questions asked. But you will be missing out on the community and free training inside the Facebook group

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This Motivates Us

The REINVESTORS is a "For-Purpose" business and

we are passionate about giving back to our community.


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