4 Week Accelerator Program

The REINVESTORS 4 week Accelerator Program Will Give You The Direct Route To Make Investing Simple, Increase Confidence, And Create The Tools To Build An Empire For Retirement!

Become Part of An Exclusive and Powerful Community of Like Minded Investors Who Are Making A Difference In Their Lives.

What to expect in the The REINVESTORS 4 Week Program

8 Online Sessions

Life’s busy, we understand. That is why our program is designed to work around your busy life schedule. 2 calls a week through 4 weeks in the evening to be sure that you can get home, relax, eat some dinner and then be fully engaged to the training we are presenting.

Intimate Group Setting

We want you to get the most out of the group and have all your questions answered. This isn’t a blanket 300 person webinar. These are intimate training sessions that allow you to ask questions, be involved, and get that personal feeling without actually having to be in the same room!

Exclusive Community

Members can join the REINVESTORS community on Facebook where everyone who completes the program will have access. This is designed so alumni can provide ideas, solutions, and advice so others on common mistakes.


Learn from the Pros

After spending $50,000 on real estate education, The REINVESTORS quickly closed on 3 income property investments within 4 months and have expanded their portfolio to small multi-family, land development, and wholesales. Now its your turn to take the information at a small fraction of the investment.

Recorded Webinars

We will be recording each session and send you the video the next day! This will allow you to recap anything you missed as well as watch it as many times as you need to help with anything you didn’t understand.

Lifetime Skills

What we are teaching in this course can be used for a lifetime. If you get a degree in one field and then transfer jobs 10 years later, that education might not be valuable anymore. With real estate, we are focusing on the skills that you can use your entire life to build a cash producing portfolio.


You and the other individuals in the program will become accountability partners to each other! We will be creating a private chat for you to help each other and engage in conversation!

Homework Assignments

This course is all about hands on learning. We will be sending out homework assignments after each call to get you working with what we taught so you can feel confident and comfortable with everything you are learning.

√   Financial Freedom Goal Setting

√   Calculating a Winning ROI

√   Acquisition Process Strategy

√   How to Build an All-Star Team

√   Company Structure Hacks

√   Joint Venture Partnerships

√   Proper Property Management

√   Find Deals in ANY Market

“You can’t really make a deal until you’ve found an opportunity, and you can’t really know if it’s an opportunity until you understand value.” 

― Gary KellerThe Millionaire Real Estate Investor

The REINVESTORS accomplishments:

  • Over $90,000 spent on education to be trained from the best investors in North America
    → such as Keyspire, Rae 365, and Thrive: Make Money Matter Mastermind
  • Acquired over $5.5 million in recent real estate transactions
    → Including single family, multi family, land development, and wholesales
  • Raised multiple-millions in joint venture capital within 18 months
  • Over 2 years of hosting a monthly meet up to educate investors on how to help them achieve success and grow their portfolio
  • Co-Produced a 2 day Conference/Expo of over 500+ real estate investors and 10 high quality speakers from across Canada 
  • Featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Real Estate Professional, Live the Fuel podcast, CTV News and Victoria Buzz
  • Created a team of expert service providers that are all invested in real estate and work exclusively with investors

We have taken everything we have learned and compiled it all into a fun ONLINE 4 week course that gives you the straight facts and details you need to be successful without the B.S. or fire hose affect. Plus, you get to do enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home!

Also included in the package

Spread sheets and documents that WE use on a daily basis

√ Cash-flow Calculator
√ Income / Expense Sheet
√ Joint Venture Agreement

We are giving you all of our spreadsheets that we use on a daily basis to keep track of properties, deals, cashflow and even a blank Joint Venture Agreement that we spent thousands of dollars creating!

Private 1 hour coaching session

Upon completion of our 4 weeks, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident leaving to go create opportunity. We will make sure you have the tools to stop making excuses and start closing deals!

Free real estate audiobook

Books have been a huge part of our success, but finding time to read can be challenging. We are going to provide you with an audiobook from a collection of our favourites to help you get excited and started! Turn your vehicle into a mobile library! 

“The Only Real Risk In Life Is
Not Taking Any!”

By the end 4 weeks you will be able to…

  • Walk away with the confidence that you can close a deal on an investment property by talking to the right people, asking the right questions, and using the correct numbers.
  • Find your purpose and “WHY” that will push you to achieve any goal and create momentum even when you are struggling. 
  • Be able to present a  joint venture agreement in a way that will wow your partners and investors.
  • Create a plan of attack to achieve financial freedom at your own pace.
  • Have the right tools, spreadsheets, and knowledge to make investing simple.


Absolutely not. The whole point of the training is so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home and just duck away for a short period of time at the end of the evening

This is works best for those who are hungry and motivated to change because they can’t stand to have things remain the same. Someone who is willing to jump out of their comfortzone with both feet and create something new! This is for those who want to change their life and are motivated to help a lot of people and make a lot of money and live the life of their dreams. This works best for those who want to win and who want to help everyone else win too!

Skeptics, critics, naysayers, haters, negative nancy’s, or debbie downers. If you are looking for a get rich quick formula, you won’t find it here. This is real raw material that helped motivate us to take a bigger step in life. If you dont believe that you can achieve financial freedom or if your not willing to put in the WORK to grow who you are as a person and as a business, then step aside and let those of us who are take that step

 All calls will be recoreded and sent out the next day. It is important that you do your best to be on every call as it is live interaction. We are here to support you in your growth so you dont want to fall behind in the group!

We are so confident that you will leaving feeling like you UNDER paid for the program that by the end of it, if you feel the value wasn’t worth it, we will refund your money on the spot, no questions asked. But you will be missing out on the community and free training inside the Facebook group!

Register For The 4 Week Program Starting on July 4th - July 29th

*ALL Calls will be Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-8:30pm*
Calls will be recorded in case you can’t make one


If you have questions please contact info@threinvetors.ca

Cant make these dates work!? We would love to keep you informed when our next program will be running!

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"Steve and Randy of The REInvestors are driven by their passion to help others succeed utilizing real estate as a mechanism for achieving each individual's unique goals and dreams. Their positivity and charitable nature of "Go Big to Give Big" is infectious and makes you aspire to be the best you can be. If you want an education on real estate investing and on how to excel in all aspects of your life, make sure you meet these two incredible men!"
Megan Betker
Desjardins Financial Security
"These are a couple of the sharpest young investors I've had the pleasure of working with. The REInvestors' understanding of numbers, coupled with their knowledge of the rental market, allows them to recognize opportunities in a competitive market, often missed by their competition. Watch these guys, or better yet invest with them, and enjoy the ride to success alongside them."
Jeff Martens
Realtor, Pemberton Holmes Realty

The REINVESTORS are a proud supporter of the “Thrive: Make Money Matter” campaign helping create For-Purpose Businesses. As a company we give back a portion of all net profits and time dedication to charities that are making a difference in the world such as “Kid Sport Victoria”, “Greater Victoria Housing Society”, and “The International Network of Hearts”